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MC in Sustain Int'l Econ Dev.IBT-799BAThis course will focus on legal and business issues related to sustainable international investment. ... [more]International Business & TradeGraduate: LLM and MS
MC in IBT in AgricultureIBT-799LAThis is a survey course which will address the importance of agribusiness in the world economy, its ... [more]International Business & TradeGraduate: LLM and MS
Mc in Int'l & Comp Sports LawIBT-799XAThis course will cover the following topics: Introduction to Sports Law - sports in society, governa ... [more]International Business & TradeGraduate: LLM and MS/MJ
MC in Int' Trade and DevelIBT-799YAThis class will examine how trade can promote development and how to manage trading relationships b ... [more]International Business & TradeGraduate: LLM and MS
Graduate Seminar:Fatca Tax LawIBT-799FAThis advanced course is offered to prepare the student for the real world after leaving the purely a ... [more]International Business & TradeGraduate: LLM and MS