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Academic Level
LS IV: Drafting-LegislationJD-153This course is about understanding the statutory process. The focus will be on the legislative proce ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional
LS IV: Drafting-Family LawJD-163This is a rigorous, advanced drafting course designed to give students experience in drafting variou ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional
LS IV: Drafting-CriminalJD-226Students focus on specialized drafting skills needed for successful criminal litigation practice inc ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional
Ls Iv:Drafting-Int'l PracticeJD-160The course has two goals: first, to give students rigorous, practical experience in drafting and rel ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional
LS IV: Drafting-Health LawJD-138The focus of this course is on drafting various documents frequently utilized in the field of health ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional
Ls Iv: Drafting-General PracJD-156General Practice Drafting is an introduction to the skills needed to draft a broad range of document ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional
LS IV: Drafting-Civil LitJD-152This course is an intensive writing course that focuses on the specialized drafting skills needed fo ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional
Ls Iv: Drafting- EbEB-377Prerequisites: Employee Benefits Law This drafting course focuses on the skills needed to create ef ... [more]Employee BenefitsGraduate: LLM and MS/MJ
LS IV: Spanish for LawyersJD-300This is an introductory course for lawyers and/or advocates who seek to expand their legal written a ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional
LS IV: Drafting-Elder LawJD-154This drafting course focuses on the skills needed to create effective documents in the area of elder ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional
LS IV: Drafting-Real EstateJD-162This drafting course will introduce students to fundamental drafting concepts and skills that are ge ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional
LS IV: Business Plan & DraftJD-205This course adopts a pragmatic, problem-solving approach to legal issues arising in corporations, p ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional
LSIV: EB DraftingJD-155This drafting course focuses on the skills needed to create effective documents in the area of emplo ... [more]Juris DoctorFirst Professional