Juris Doctor 185ADV-1 Extern: Rest Justice Adv
Restorative justice brings healing to the victims and accountability to offenders by offering them a chance to change for the good of the entire community. Students will discuss the basic concept of restorative justice and how it can be applied in specific areas of the law, including the treatment of persons who have been convicted of crimes, the mentally ill, drug and alcohol abusers, and juvenile offenders. Students will learn effective techniques on how to interview and counsel both victims and perpetrators. When appropriate, outside lecturers will be invited to discuss particular areas requiring specialized knowledge and skill.

Section Name: JD-185ADV-1
Departments: Juris Doctor
Prerequisites: Must have already taken Restorative Justice class/externship before taking this advanced course.
Academic Level: First Professional
Course Type:
Credits: 1 - 4
Books: To Be Determined