Juris Doctor 816-W OL: Law and New Technology
As technology such as smart phones, 3-D printers and drones continues its rapid development, it raises new challenges for 21st Century legal doctrines. From the evidentiary value of the results of such technology, to the legal protections that exist to prevent others from accessing personal data, the legal and policy issues that arise as technology intersects with civil liability and criminal investigation is complex and rapidly evolving. This course is a survey-style course that examines the intersections between law and technologies such as drones, wearable technology (such as "Google glasses"), smart phones, geolocation devices, internet search engines, data analytics and 3-D printing. It is designed to introduce students to the workings of these emerging technologies and to highlight the intersections between them and criminal investigation and civil liability in a wide array of substantive areas of law. These areas include torts, search and seizure, surveillance, privacy, intellectual property, free speech, encryption, and data control and access. There is no need for any prior technology background or knowledge of the subject matters to be covered.

Section Name: JD-816-W
Departments: Juris Doctor
Academic Level: First Professional
Course Type:
Credits: 3
Books: To Be Determined