Clinic: International Human Right Clinic Immigration and Solitary Confinement (JD-174CLN)
This course will explore the various ways that advocates protect international human rights and the various methods of human rights advocacy. Thus, we may explore advocacy before commissions, international human rights courts, national courts, and other judicial or quasi-judicial forums; litigation procedure and strategy; and other forms of advocacy, including public education, human rights campaigns, social movements, and the like. Through case studies and simulated practice, students will develop the practical skills needed to implement effective advocacy strategies. Thus, students will work individually and in groups on legal memoranda, articles, reports, legal and factual research, advocacy training materials, oral presentations, and other practical, advocacy-related projects. By the end of the class, students should be able to have solid practical skills for the legal profession. Course evaluation is based on each student's performance on these projects, exercises, assignments, and their preparation for and participation in class. Clinic Director Approval is required prior to enrollment in the course.

Course Name: JD-174CLN
Departments: Juris Doctor
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