Clinic: Family Law & Domc Violence Clini (JD-276CLN)
In this course students will assist in the representation of survivors of domestic violence in one or more of the following areas of law that students choose from and receive training on: (i) divorce/parentage cases, (ii) orders of protection, (iii) housing protections, (iv) employment protections, (v) crime victim compensation, (vi) federal income tax relief, (vii) debt relief/credit repair, and (viii) immigration relief. Most training will come from the materials (written and recordings) posted online (including materials on the dynamics of domestic violence and its impact on the targets of DV and their children) and from the feedback you receive by the adjunct faculty relating to your performance of the work assigned to you. Training materials will be provided on the special challenges DV survivors face in divorce/parentage cases and strategies to overcome these challenges. Clinic Director Approval is required prior to enrollment in the course.

Course Name: JD-276CLN
Departments: Juris Doctor
Course Types: Faculty Supervised
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