MC: Current Topics in EU & U.S. TM Law Trademark Law: A Comparative Review (IP-429AA)
The course is titled Current Topics in European and U.S. Trademark Law: A Comparative Review (IP-429). The course, which is a one time offering, will provide a comparative analysis of current trademark issues under U.S. and European Union law. Among the topics to be covered comparatively will be: Foundations of the E.U. and U.S. trademark systems; Acquisition of trademark rights; Rights conferred; Grounds for refusal; Use and registration; The impact of Brexit on trademarks in the E.U. and possible effects in the U.S.; Scope of protection for famous and well known marks; Dilution; Oppositions to registrations; Geographical indicators; Treatment of non-traditional trademarks; Trademark fair use; and Enforcement and remedies. As a pre-requisite, students should have taken a course in trademark law or permission from instructor.

Course Name: IP-429AA
Departments: Intellectual Property
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Course Locations:
Prerequisites: Take JD-124 or IP-403; or approval from instructor
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