International Human Rights Law (JD-174PJ)
This course has prerequisites of Lawyering Skill I and II, Contract I and II, Criminal Law, Civil Pro.I, and Con. Law I, Property and Torts. This course is an introductory course to international justice. This course seeks to explore how societies come to terms with the aftermath of mass violence and atrocities. Some of the questions that are pertinent in our discussion of post-conflict transitions to peace are: How do societies transition out of an environment of violence and societal conflict? Do victims play a role in the justice system or are they spectators in the process? What kind of role might victims play? Is punishment the solution to seek justice or should we look into other ways to promote healing? Why is community or societal healing important for transitions out of conflict and into the establishment of lasting peace? In exploring the difficulty of reconciling traditional and non-traditional models of justice the course will examine how important it is to "shape" justice according to cultural and local traditions. Throughout the course will explore how states, nations, and communities that have gone through conflict and have gone through the process of seeking the truth of the violence in order to achieve peace and justice.

Course Name: JD-174PJ
Departments: Juris Doctor
Course Types: Seminar
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