Advanced Legal Research: International Law (JD-058IL)
This course has prerequisites of all first year core courses. This course will cover the basics of international legal research including treaty research, identification of important treatises, digests and encyclopedias as sources of custom and general principles and case law from international courts and arbitral bodies. In addition, the course will cover research of "soft law" (the documentation of intergovernmental organizations (IGOs)), particularly the United Nations. Because international legal issues are often intertwined with domestic and foreign legal issues, the course will cover as well foreign legal research with a focus on the civil law system and selected jurisdictions, like the European Union or Canada. Lastly, the course will cover research of selected specialty topics (i.e. international trade and investment law; international human rights).

Course Name: JD-058IL
Departments: Juris Doctor
Course Types: Simulation
Course Locations:
Prerequisites: This course has prerequisites of Lawyering Skill I and II, Contract I and II, Criminal Law, Civil Pro.I, and Con. Law I, Property and Torts.
Course Offerings: