Clinic: International Human Rights Immigration and Solitary Confinement (JD-174CL)
This course will explore human rights advocacy at international and national tribunals and venues. Topics may include advocacy before commissions, advocacy before international human rights courts, advocacy in national courts, litigation strategy, and other forms of advocacy (including public education campaigns, social movements, organizing, etc.). The course will rely on domestic and international case studies of actual advocacy. Students will engage in academic coursework relating to the functioning of human rights tribunals, venues, and mechanisms. They will explore case studies and develop the practical skills needed to implement these advocacy methods. As part of their learning, students will work on a clinical component throughout the course. Students will be assigned individual and/or group projects where they will develop human rights work-product, such as legal memoranda, articles, reports, legal and factual research, advocacy training materials, and other advocacy materials relating to the case. In their practicum, students will establish a methodology for their project where they will identify their objectives, methods to be applied (interviews, questionnaires, observation, and research). The course evaluation will be based on the student's academic coursework through written projects and/or clinical work product. The purpose of the course is to provide students with a background in human rights advocacy and methods that may be implemented in a variety of areas such as human rights, social and economic justice, development, environmental justice and other fields where advocacy represents an indispensable tool. Students can register for this clinic on their own. Please register on Student Planning.

Course Name: JD-174CL
Departments: Juris Doctor
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