OL: Intellectual Property in Start-Up Companies (IP-495)
This course examines the legal development of start-up companies with an emphasis on opportunities and problems related to intellectual property. The course emphasizes how intellectual property influences the business law issues that are distinctive to new companies trying to develop new technologies or produce other creative works. This type of company often encounters special problems in creating a new firm, gathering together initial shareholders, raising additional funding, creating and utilizing intellectual property interests, hiring new employees without abusing the trade secrets and other assets of competitors, seeking subsequent large-scale funding from sources like venture capitalists and public stock offerings, dealing with potential or actual bankruptcies, and, if all goes well, completing a successful buyout by another concern often through a merger into a larger company. Each of these types of transactions raises a special group of legal problems that will be addressed in this course.

Course Name: IP-495
Departments: Intellectual Property
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