Master Class in International Comparative Sports Law (IBT-799XA)
This course will cover the following topics: Introduction to Sports Law - sports in society, governance in sport overview of the organizational developments of sport, its national and international institutions, and their legal form from an historical and modern point of view, presentation of the rules governing sports activities, the scope of application, the cohabitation of Sports law and State law system, sports governing and judicial bodies, and future issues that Sports Law and institutions may face in the coming years; Governance in Sport - the international sports organizations with particular focus to IOC and FIFA (Structures, Statutes and Regulations); Doping and WADA - history and creation of the WADA, its mission, its statutes, its composition and its programs, the World Anti-Doping Code, doping cases law; and Alternative Dispute Settlement in Sport, in particular, Arbitration and CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), ordinary and appeal procedures, and categories of sports-related disputes, awards. This course has been approved to be taught in a live classroom setting or an online format.

Course Name: IBT-799XA
Departments: Int'l Business & Trade Law
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