Valuation of IP Intellectual Property (IP-429VA)
IP assets are increasingly recognized as amongst the most important assets that a company owns. The recognition, awareness, and image associated with a trademark, the performance of a special patented product feature, and the know-how accumulated by employees are all attributes that allow competitors to distinguish themselves in the market place. The course is designed to assist IP practitioners in understanding how valuable these important assets truly are and to provide the tools necessary to perform monetary quantifications of such value. This class will train students to identify situations where an understanding of the financial or economic value of IP asset could be important. In-class exercises will provide reinforcement of these concepts and help focus students on the rigor and attention to detail that is required under different valuation settings. In addition to basic IP valuation concepts and principles, this course will provide focused attention in three special IP valuation circumstances: licensing, taxation, and litigation.

Course Name: IP-429VA
Departments: Intellectual Property
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