Sustainable International Economic Devel (JD-287SE)
This course has prerequisites of Lawyering Skills I and II, Contracts I and II, Criminal Law, Torts, Property, Constitutional Law I and Civil Procedure I. This course will focus on legal and business issues related to sustainable international investment. The course will look at the origins and the development of the concept of sustainability in a number of different contexts. We will consider these issues in light of three primary sources of standards which may induce multinational corporations to make sustainability considerations a primary factor in their decision-making process. The first are codified international sources of law. The second are general principles of international law. And the third are non-legal incentives which may have either direct or indirect economic consequences and which may thereby induce enhanced corporate social responsibility in this context.

Course Name: JD-287SE
Departments: Juris Doctor
Course Types: Seminar; Advocacy
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