Trial Advocacy: Accelerated (JD-183)
Prerequisite: Evidence Each May between academic terms, Trial Advocacy is offered in an accelerated format. The course, which normally runs 15 weeks, is compressed into an intensive 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., nine-and-a-half day format. Many faculty members and students believe that this concentrated format aids learning and gives students a more realistic understanding of the rigors of trial practice. Be advised that there is a mandatory dress code for this class. Students are required to wear business attire for the duration of the course. This means slacks and a dress shirt with tie for male students; and the equivalent dress for female students, dress slacks with blouse or sweater, with or without jacket or blazer; or skirted suit. No jeans, t-shirts, halter or similar tops,baseball caps, sandals, tennis shoes, flip-flops, or bare feet are permitted. Shirts are to be worn tucked into trousers and belts are strongly encouraged. On the evenings of the final trials, courtroom attire is mandated; this means business suits for all students. Be aware there is a $90 non-refundable fee for anyone who drops the course within 30 days prior to the start date. If anyone drops the course after the first day of class there are no tuition refunds.

Course Name: JD-183
Departments: Juris Doctor
Course Types: Advocacy; Simulation
Course Locations:
Prerequisites: This course is offered every fall semester. This course has a prerequisite of Evidence
Course Offerings: