International Civil Litigation (JD-206)
This course is offered every spring semester. This course has a prerequisites of Lawyering Skills I and II, Contract I and II, Criminal Law,Civil Pro. I and Con. Law I,Property and Torts. The objective of this course is to explore international issues that arise in civil litigation in United States. The number of cases in U.S. courts that involve international parties, issues, evidence, or law is increasing every year. How do U.S. courts handle foreign parties, foreign conduct, foreign evidence, and foreign states? This course will familiarize students with the procedural rules and case law that govern how U.S. courts address these issues in the civil context. Topics will include subject-matter and personal jurisdiction, service of process, forum and venue, choice of law, discovery, and foreign states. This course is designed to expose students to the law (and policy) that govern international civil litigation in U.S. courts. Although the course does not have a formal practice component, the subject matter is relevant to any student who plans to practice in U.S. courts where foreign issues could arise.

Course Name: JD-206
Departments: Juris Doctor
Course Types: Advocacy
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