International Intellectual Property Law (JD-294)
Organized multinational attempts to establish international norms for intellectual property protection have existed for well over 100 years. Given the intangible nature of the rights sought to be protected, the nature and scope of these rights has been hotly debated. This course will examine the dynamics of international protection as well as some of the most pressing issues faced in continuing efforts to develop international protection standards. Among the topics covered are the underlying theories of international intellectual property protection, the impact of culture and economics on intellectual property rights, the protection of cultural patrimony, neighboring rights, government takings, extraterritoriality and the border problems, and registration, protection, and enforcement issues (including international enforcement of rights). In addition, students will study pertinent treaty regimes, including the Berne and Paris Conventions, TRIPS, NAFTA, and selected EC directives, harmonization alternatives and the special problems of developing and newly emerging market economies. Prior knowledge of intellectual property is helpful but is not required.

Course Name: JD-294
Departments: Juris Doctor
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