Workplace Misconduct: Conducting Investigations and Interviews (JD-298)
This course has prerequisites of Lawyering Skills I and II, Contracts I and II, Criminal Law, Torts, Property, Constitutional Law I and Civil Procedure I. This course is designed to teach students the skills necessary to conduct an effective and independent investigation, with an emphasis on interviewing skills in an investigative role. The class will focus on workplace misconduct investigations and interviews, but the skills taught can be carried over into any type of investigation. The goals are to teach students the skills necessary to conduct an independent investigation, including how to determine when an investigation is necessary, how to draft an investigative plan, how to conduct interviews in an investigative role, and how to draft investigation reports. The course will be taught through a combination of course readings, lectures, and in-class simulations using hypothetical workplace misconduct complaints.

Course Name: JD-298
Departments: Juris Doctor
Course Types: Advocacy; Simulation
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